Diana McMahon Collis writes professionally on astrology, tarot, health, metaphysics and spirituality.  She specialises in the ‘mind body spirit’ field as an editor for small publishers and at www.WritersWorkshop.co.uk, providing mentoring, editing and manuscript appraisal services to non-fiction and fiction authors. She graduated in 1985 from Reading University, with a BA in Film, Drama and English.

In the 1990s, Diana established a London-based client astrology and tarot readings/consultation practice and attained the Company of Astrologers Advanced Certificate in Theory of Astrology and Practice of Horoscopy.  Simultaneously, she developed a career in Sun Sign horoscope writing and broader journalism.  She has given weekly consultations and introductory talks at Champneys Forest Mere health resort in Hampshire, introduced a nutrition programme for clients with weight concerns at Stepping Stones in Surrey and continues to provide consultancy to private clients via email and Skype.

In 2001 she co-founded Tarot Association of the British Isles, subsequently training and mentoring tarot readers and reviewing reading service applications, whilst providing independent classes and seminars on astrology and tarot, locally and online.  Personal interests include popular music, genealogy, gastronomy and playing with new writing ideas; she occasionally updates a website and blogs, at: http://mindbliss.co.uk  http://celestialspot.blogspot.co.uk/ https://goldencup.wordpress.com/

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