Having graduated (Spanish at the University of Warsaw), she relocated to Mexico where she has worked as a tourist guide for almost 8 years. In the meantime, she was developing her interests of the esoteric knowledge. She was exploring the subjects of numerology, the runes and the Tarot reading. When she came back to Poland, she dedicated herself to astrology. She studied at the Warsaw School of Astrology and learned from the numerous lectures given during the conferences of the Polish Astrological Association, which she is a member of. Later on she was invited as a speaker to the further conferences and workshops organised by the association several times. In September 2017 she gave a lecture at the conference of the Astrological Association of Great Britain. She appeared as a guest on the Polish esoteric TV channel in where she was describing the ancient Pre-Colombian civilizations and the beliefs in modern Mexico. Soon she was given the opportunity to host her own programme about spirituality. She writes articles about travelling, spirituality and astrology, too. While living in London, she worked as a Tarot reader in a local spiritual centre and she gave the lectures about astrology for the Polish community. She gives also classes of astrology and individual consultations. She blogs in Polish and English.



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