Jupiter, a practising astrologer based in Hong Kong, is active in teaching astrology in Hong Kong, China and Malaysia. She is the co-founder, along with Rod Chang, of the Academy of Astrology, which was founded in 2008 with the aim of promoting Western Astrology to Chinese speakers. Jupiter lectures on a wide range of astrological subjects from natal to mundane astrology, and also incorporates Chinese astrology, I-Ching and Feng Shui into her own astrological practice. Through the work of the Academy, Jupiter has helped to introduce many international speakers to Asia, where they have shared their astrological insights to local students.

Jupiter began her formal study of astrology with the Faculty of Astrological Studies, and later received certification as a horary practitioner from the STA School of Traditional Astrology in 2013. Enthralled by the philosophical principles and techniques of classical astrology, she continues her in-depth study of horary with the STA‘s  Master course.

Jupiter is also a tutor of the STA School of Traditional Astrology. With an aim to bring horary astrology to the Chinese speaking communities, Jupiter has been working on the translation of the STA course material since 2014 and is offering the Practitioner‘s Level Horary Practitioner‘s Course in Chinese in Hong Kong. She will speak in the FAA International Astrology Conference held in Melbourne in 2018. 

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