I studied two Tarot courses several years ago with the wonderful Sue Merlyn Farebrother who teaches at both  Treadwells and the LSA check them out if you are interested in learning Tarot. Sue has over 30 years of Tarot knowledge and lectures all over the country.  I will always be grateful to Sue for introducing and teaching me all about Tarot.
I then went on to study Astrology at the London School of Astrology with the fabulous Frank C Clifford. I passed the Foundation course and I am still to tackle the diploma, but I am determined to go back and at least give it a go.
 Frank and Sue have been great mentors, they have inspired and motivated me to set up my own online business where I can combine my knowledge of Tarot and Astrology to empower and help others.
 I have recently completed the TF2 course with Tarot Foundations run by Biddy from Biddy Tarot,  this has enhanced my intuition skills and  was able to get a different perspective of the cards and their meanings. Further to completing TF2 I applied to be a Certified Biddy Tarot Reader , I managed to pass the required tests needed in order to become a Biddy Tarot Reader.
I have also recently become a member of the International Tarot Foundation.

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