Margaret Gray B.A. ESS (TCD), MSW, D. Psych. Astrology , Reiki Master

Margaret works as a professional Psychological Astrologer offering consultations, courses and workshops in her native Dublin, Ireland as well as in Hawaii and the US mainland.  Her main area of astrological interest is in Relationships, as well as Vocation/Soul Purpose and working with the charts of Children. Margaret currently writes a regular feature on Psychological Astrology for Network Ireland Magazine and has published astrology articles in the AA Journal UK, the NCGR journal, Positive Life Magazine Ireland, the Wellness Journal and Inspiration Magazine as well as Psychotherapy publications in Ireland and the UK. She wrote a chapter on the New Paradigm of Spiritual Relationships in the book ‘Transpersonal Astrology’. Margaret has been a speaker at several astrology conferences including ISAR, the UK Astrological Association, The San Francisco Astrological Society and NORWAC. She set up and runs the monthly Astrology Ireland Meetup Group as well as the Hawaiian Islands Astrological Association. Margaret is a member of the ISAR board of directors. She is also a certified workplace and family mediator and a Reiki Master practitioner.

Contact: [email protected]

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