He was born in İstanbul, Turkey in 1965. He studied Civil Engineering and Industrial Engineering at University.

Özenbaş has always had a deep interest in astrology and spiritual subjects, throughout his life.

He was greatly attracted to Vedic Astrology, which he became acquainted with in 1989, and has made profound researches on Vedic system until today.

He analyzed horoscopes of thousands of people for whom he also provided consultancy in Turkey and Germany, besides writing articles about Vedic astrology.

He has played a prominent role in introducing and popularizing Vedic astrology in Turkey through his articles and consultancy services.

Metin Özenbaş is one of the leading Vedic astrologers in Turkey, who still continues research in the subject, and provides consultancy via skype and telephone.

Contact: metin.ozenbas@gmail.com



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