Hi I’m Nancy from Cape Town, South Africa. With a Mercury, Uranus, Pluto stellium on my Ascendant and Mercury ruling my ASC and MC I believe I’m born to be an astrologer. So, it’s with great delight and gratitude that I introduce myself to you as a professional western astrologer. With this stellium it will not surprise you that some keywords that could describe my work are: understanding, consciousness, self-empowerment and transformation. Every life or chart has a set of potentials, gifts and talents at its disposal and obstacles that challenge it. My aim is to provide my clients and readers with clarity and insight into themselves, their lives, relationships and unfolding events in a dynamic rather than static way by fostering consciousness and options for optimal growth. Thus, my objective with the astrological guidance is for it to be useful, practical, informative, empowering and enabling for the client. My practice is underpinned by a Bachelors of Arts and Honours Degree in Psychology, Counseling and Communication Diploma as well as a three year Diploma in Astrology from the Rod Suskin School of Astrology. I am a committee member of the Cape Astrology Association and also a guest speaker for the Association. I’m thankful to be writing for the Infinity Astrological magazine as from January 2016 and have also been invited as guest speaker to the 26th conference of the Krishnamurti Institute of Astrology in Kolkatta, India in the same month. I invite you to visit my website if you’d like to read more about my professional experience, astrological work and articles at www.nancymassing.com.

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