Hakan Kırkoğlu set an example of astrology education in Turkey providing systematical courses and has a leading role in developing astrological community since late 90’s. He has completed two M.A. degrees, in History (2016) and Economics (1991) at Boğaziçi University. He graduated from Management Engineering Department with B.Sc. (ITU) in 1988. He is a consultant astrologer with long years of experience and contributes to astrology through lecturing, writing and organizing events. Began studying astrology in 1983, he recevied the Diploma of Faculty of Astrological Studies with a Veritas Award in 1997. He has been lecturing in various international conferences in UK, USA, Poland, Australia, Serbia, Greece since 1999. He participated in UAC 2008 as a mundane astrology track coordinator and core speaker in 2012. His first astrology book “Astroloji Zamanları” was published in 1991 and later wrote “Göklerin Bilgeliği” introducing traditional aspects of astrology in Turkey in 2005. His book on prenatal solar eclipses “Ruhun Yolculuğu” has been widely received as a novel contribution. Recently his M.A. thesis on astrology and its role in 18th century Ottoman court has been underway as a book in 2017. Kirkoglu is the founder and principal of Göklerin Bilgeliği School and ISAR VP for Turkey.

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