Tara has been practicing and teaching astrology and tarot since 2011.  She completed Laura Nalbandian’s three-year Evolutionary Astrology program and is a certified Soulsign Astrologer through Adam Gainsburg’s Immersion program.

In her hometown, the Seattle area, Tara practiced astrology and tarot privately, at Stargazers Bookstore and Higher Wellness Health Care Practice. She was a co-host and repeating guest on local radio shows. Relocating to New York City January 2016 and Los Angeles February 2017, Tara offers private sessions and continues writing and speaking. She lectured at NORWAC 2014 and 2016 and will lecture at UAC 2018. She is a regular contributing author for Infinity Astrological Magazine.

Tara is passionate about supporting people in their choice to be more natural, authentic and honest. Her commitment to feeling and embodiment is radically changing her life and use of astrology and tarot. With the compassion and understanding that comes from diverse, intense and transformative personal relationship and career history, Tara is especially available for people making life changes.

Services and Fees:

Tara offers Intuitive astrology and/or tarot sessions for individuals or couples using a variety of techniques such as solar returns, transits, progressions, relationship charts, an assortment of card decks and spreads. Tara also uses pendulums and art therapy.

Sessions/readings are $120 per hour

Links:  More publications/broadcasts on her website at http://www.taraaal.com/publications-broadcasts

Tara is exploring a technique called Planets on the 1st. With this technique, you choose a specific planet as a focalizing crystal or lens through which you experience yourself. Find more info on her website at http://www.taraaal.com/living-planets-1st



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