IAM – Infinity Astrological Magazine is a bimonthly online magazine, founded in 2015 in Serbia by Smiljana Gavrančić, but since 8th February 2017 our magazine got its rebirth, under the Athens’ Sky (Greece)! The rebirth was made by Athan J. Zervas (Critique Partner & Art&Design associate for the magazine).

IAM is for professionals astrologers, students of astrology and for all astrology lovers.

Serbian astrologer Smiljana Gavrančić is the founding editor and owner of IAM. She specialises in exploring significant degrees in Mundane Astrology and her writings have appeared in the Astrological Journal, in The Mountain Astrologer blog and in ISAR’s International Astrologer.

As of November 2016, all issues of IAM have become part of Alexandria iBase Project, a digital astrological database.

From March 2017  IAM is on featured in the Astrodienst  section ”Understanding Astrology”  along with The Astrological Journal and The Mountain Astrologer.

IAM is associated with most relevant schools, journals and people in the astrological field.

  • Victor Olliver  (associate from The Astrological Journal, The Astrological Association GB)
  • Madame Arcati
  • Frank C. Cllifford  (associate from the London School of Astrology)
  • Sharon Knigh (associate from APAI)
  • Wendy Stacey  (associate from Mayo School of Astrology and The Astrological Association GB)
  • Jadranka Ćoić  (associate from The Astrological Lodge of London)
  • Mandi Lockley  (associate from Academy of Astrology UK).
  • Anne Whitaker (associate from the 12th House)

Special members are Melanie Reinhart  (The Faculty Of Astrological Studies), Roy Gillett  (the president of The Astrological Association GB) and Athan J. Zervas  (astrologer,Critique Partner and Art&Design associate for the magazine).

All of IAM issues are non-thematic and in every issue there is a cryptic phrase on the cover that refers to either the essence of the skies for the two months ahead or to a main article. But there is more to it! All cryptic phrases, when read together in a sequence, reveal a story in progress. It is like a puzzle and every issue adds one more piece to it.

From the standard 70 pages of the inception issue (the cryptic phrase was The #782 Issue), today the magazine counts circa 160 pages per issue with the firm intention to grow even more in the future. About 60 astrologers from all over the world write in the magazine and more are always welcome. A future goal for the magazine is to organise conferences about astrology all around the world.

IAM INΦINITY – Αθήνα Center was founded on 16 January, 2018 as an astrological association. More about it, you can read here – IAM INΦINITY – Αθήνα Center


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