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Athan is an idiosyncratically sanguine astrologer currently living in Athens, Greece.

He studied translation and interpretation but did not wish to go professional since his interest in Astrology gave way to much more insightful translations of the human predicament. He speaks Greek, English, Italian, French, Spanish, just a tad of German and he studies Hebrew. He is lazy.

A self-taught astrologer, he defines himself as eclectic, using both traditional techniques and modern concepts in his work. He is a founding board member of the Hellenic Friends of Astrology, a non-profit organization for the dissemination of educated Astrology in Greece through seminars, lectures, publications and symposia. He has been acting vice president in 2016 and editor of “12 Magazine”, the quarterly print edition of the organization.

A lecturer and a consultant with 10+ years of client-work experience, he is also a radio producer with his own show running weekly since 2013. He has an online presence in Greek astrology sites with monthly columns and he is an active blogger with his blog being of course all Greek to you.

He is willing to move to Antarctic just to put on Infinity front cover the tag “Astrology not from six but from all seven continents”.

He was the one who created New IAM –  INΦINITY Astrological Magazine on 8th February, 2017. Thanks to Athan’s spirit IAM got its rebirth, under the Athens’ Sky. It was in the moment when he made the cover image for the upcoming spring issue March/April 2017 #IAM12 #The Retrograde Kiss Issue.

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