• We present You our July/August issue #IAM32 and we call it #Ants
  • The main inspiration was the love story between Psyche and Eros
  • Love can not live without trust
  • There is no life without change, life is constant transformation
  • But, we continue with ‘Out of Africa’-Part II; #The Mother City

ZEUS:Aphrodite, standing before you, you have the bravest of earthly women.  This child has facedtask after task and even descended into the Underworld to receive your approval.  If you cannot give her yours, I shall give her mine.


ZEUS:Hebe!  Bring the nectar of the gods!

ZEUS:So, my two lovebirds.  You have been equally matched.  Eros, the greatest of hearts, and Psyche, the strongest of souls.  Live together in happiness forever.  And that’s an order.

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