IAM INΦINITY – Αθήνα Center was founded on 16 January, 2018,  as an astrological association.  The founder  is  Smiljana Gavrančić, professional astrologer, the founding editor of IAM – INΦINITY Astrological Magazine.

It was just before the New Moon at 26º Capricorn. Αθήνα Center has axis  Asc/Desc over 29º Leo/29º Aquarius, which moves the royal fixed star Regulus, and it goes over Smiljana’s axis of lunar nodes. So, the Moon was New, but it seams that Αθήνα Center is „Old“! One more interesting thing is that axis IC/MC goes over 21º Scorpio/21º Taurus (which is Smiljana’s natal axis Asc/Desc). In both charts, we can notice Mars/Jupiter conjunction, which may be very important, if we take the fact that RMars is the ruler of Smiljana’s Scorpio rising, and it makes applying conjunction with RJupiter at her MC (Jupiter lines goes through Athens (Greece) in Smiljana’s chart, as well as asteroid Pallas (Athena) is making conjunction with Smiljana’s IC (home) ).


One of the main aim of  IAM INΦINITY will be to offer to the astrological world – printed issue. For now, you could read magazine only as online issue. Magazine is a part of Alexandria iBase Project– digital astrological database, and it has collaboration with Astrodienst.

We also use the name of the ancient Greek goddess Αθήνα (Athena), because IAM INΦINITY was born under the Athens’ sky, Greece, on 8 February 2017.

IAM INΦINITY – Αθήνα Center will have two offices, one in Serbia, and the other one in Athens (Greece).


More about Smiljana you can read here: Smiljana Gavrančić

More About Us you can read here: About Us




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