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No womb ever evacuated Madame Arcati. She was not born of a woman. But of a man – in his head. His name was Sir Noel Coward and she came to him as a fully- fledged clairvoyante medium for his play Blithe Spirit which premiered in London’s West End on 2 July 1941, probably around 7:30 pm. Was this her date of birth?

Or was it on and around 4 May 1941, 7:30 am, in Portmeirion (on the coast of Snowdonia in Wales) when he first started writing the play and the characters sprung to life, including Arcati?

Perplexing. It’s much simpler to forget about Coward’s Arcati and think of the Madame you now see before you, the product of a very different mind. She first popped up on 4 July 2006, at 3:24 pm, London, in a blog bearing her name via the agency of Victor Olliver. OK, that makes her 12 years of age, and she doesn’t look a day under 80, but it’s best to forget about normal rules. She is timeless, she is Madame Astrology, versed in all systems, including the Mayan, and the scourge of bullies, swine and coupon collectors.

“Astrology is my spy glass, microscope, telescope,” she says. “And it is my thumbscrew.”

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