Dear students, if you want to start from the beginning, we recommend you take the Natal Astrology Course with Smiljana Gavrančić, Professional Astrologer ISAR CAP, the founding owner and the editor in chief of IAM – Infnity Astrological Magazine. More about Smiljana you can read here 

This course includes 32 lessons (8 months of studing, 1 lesson per week), 32 homeworks, one big exam at the end of course, as well as one researching essay after you pass the final exam. The Astrological Association IAM INΦINITY – Αθήνα Center will give you its certification for natal astrology after you finish this course.

All lessons are in online version, via emails, so yo can do it when you are able to do.

The price is 170 euros (per month, if you choose paying per month), or 1100 euros if you pay in one step.  SPECIAL OFFER from 23 Nov-1 Dec, 2019 – 20% off pay all course 880 euros!

If you already have some astrological knowledge, there is always Smiljana’s course THE MOON LOOKS FOR THE EARTH;THE EARTH LOOKS FOR THE MOON

Both courses, you can start whenever you want during one year.

Contact: [email protected]

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