Dear students, if you want to explore the field of relationships, we recommend you take the Relationship Astrology Course with Smiljana Gavrančić, Professional Astrologer ISAR CAP, the founding owner and the editor in chief of IAM – Infnity Astrological Magazine. More about Smiljana you can read here 

This course includes 11 lessons (1 lesson per week), 11 homeworks and one final exam where student should show her/his knowledge, i.e. the course lasts 3 months. The Astrological Association IAM INΦINITY – Αθήνα Center will give you its certification for astrology of relationships after you finish this course.

Lessons are:

  1. Who is Who in our chart? – The best planet in our chart
  2. Dispositors in astrology of relationships-Why we need all three levels (sexual, mental, emotional) in order to keep our relationship?
  3. Synastry
  4. Composite chart
  5. Davison chart
  6. Antisca in relationships-Antiscia is our ‘mirror’ and comparing Antiscia chart with the natal chart of other person we could understand better why we fall in love in that person
  7. Draconic in relationships-Draconic chart is the lunar one, and it describes the memory of our soul from the past life incarnation. Comparing draconic chart of one person with the natal chart of other person also helps us a lot to understand our relationship on deeper, spiritual level
  8. 9th Harmonic in relationships-Comparing 9th Harmonic of one person with the natal chart of other person we also get very deep insights about our relationship
  9. Transits to composite, davison and draconic chart
  10. Eclipses in relationships – Eclipses are like ‘black wholes’, they are turning points and brings at the same time endings, as well as new starts
  11. Progressons (secondary and tertiary) in relationships, as ‘water tools’ to predict when we will meet someone and when the relationship will start, have challenges, or end
  12. The final exam

All lessons are in online version, via emails, so yo can do it when you are able to do.

If you already have some astrological knowledge, there is always Smiljana’s course THE MOON LOOKS FOR THE EARTH;THE EARTH LOOKS FOR THE MOON

There is also Smiljana’s coure for the beginners: Natal Astrology Course

Both courses, you can start whenever you want during one year.

Contact for more info:

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